Accessories are a HUGE way to express yourself. Whether your style is Funky, Vintage, Punk, Grunge, Conservative, Preppy, or Afro-Centric....accessories can give you that edge that separates you from someone else. It could be a stylish barrette, or an ankle bracelet for a beach look. If you can think of's out there. Bangles, necklaces, rings (for fingers and toes), flowers for the hair, purses, belts, scarves, and don't forget the ever so wonderful Hat! I am fascinated with accessories. They can transform your style from day to night. From school to the movies. Just add or remove. Or in blogger terms...just update or delete! Have fun everyone! LGS

My BFF Heavyne shows off her accessories. She sported I heart Boobies Bracelets and strings braided bracelets. She added a shoulder strap teal mini purse to carry her neccessities. Thanks Heavyne!

Amya added a big oblong hoops with a dash a of sparkle in her second hole. Nice Swag, Amya!!!