Beauty: Hair, Nails, & Skin!

As I we go through these trying times as pre-teens to teens, skin and hair are big issues. We may have break outs with our skin. We may encounter more than the average amount of bad hair days. And nails can chip at any given moment with managing lockers, backpacks, and extra curricular activities for school (dance, sports, and projects that require some physical activity). Well hopefully I can assist with some tips on how to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. Please feel free to chime in and share your beauty secrets...after all we are all in this together. Xoxo 

I love dots. Dots, dots, and more dots!!! Some people call them polka dots, some say spots, whatever you they say, I found these fabulous designs at I hope you like them! LGS

Here are some nail trends that are hot for Spring 2012! Use your imagination and share your creativity with LGS!

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