Family & Friends Style

This page is dedicated to the people that inspire me to be me. They are my family and friends. They have no problem posing for the camera to show off their individuality. They help me do what I do. Thanks to each and everyone one of you for posing and I hope to inspire you as you have inspired me. Ciao!

This is my mom. She wore this outfit to the last day of Style Fashion Week 3/16/12.

My cousin Amya chose black leggings, a graphic tee, black layering sweater, and black ballet slippers to complete this look. I think this was an awesome choice with our unpredictable weather (80 in the day and   40 in the evening). Thanks for posing Amya! Xoxo

My BFF Heavyne wears washed jeans, layered multi-colored tops and her military styled boots. Heavyne pulled it all together with a denim jacket to complete her look. Thanks Heavyne! Xoxo 

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