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Clothing: My style is current with a vintage twist. I love my skinnies and my Chuck's. I also have to admit I adore the color purple, graphic T's and heels. Not the heels mom wears, but like kitten heels. Although I love Forever 21, H&M, and a few other chain stores, my latest crush (as far as stores go) include vintage stores and resale shops all over the city of angels. Nails: Love Love Love! The Sally Hansen Nail Strips! They give me the flavor I need when things get too boring. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and somehow brighten the day. Hair: Anything on the side...side bangs, side buns, and an occasional side braid. Check out some of my photos to get an idea of my style. Accessories: Although I like jewelry...I prefer necklaces and bracelets. I will wear earrings and rings occasionally. I like whimsical pieces such as unicorn necklaces and things that sparkle.

School Day 4/10/12
Here are more pictures of today's post. The rain will be returning this week, so I wore a little sunshine to try and hold on to it. Xo!

Appetizers N' Birthdays 4/3/12
Hanging out at Grand Lux with the family and friends for my brothers b'day. I wore this high low skirt with this zigzag top. I added this little cardigan for the evening chill and slipped on my low cowboy boots and headed out. After we ate we took a stroll through the mall and we stop by one of my favorite stores....Forever21. My grandmother bought me a couple of things. Thanks for the dress and top grandma, I love you to pieces! Xo!

Another Wet Sunday 3/25/12
This is my shopping outfit for a wet day. I had to get some last minute camping essentials for my camping trip this week. This is my outdoor education trip with my peers from school. I probably won't get to post much, but I will share my experience when I return. I hope you like this outfit and I will see you Friday! have a great week! Xo

Stormy Saturday 3/17/12

It's St. Patty's Day and the weather is wet. The green sweater (St. Patrick's Day) and the scarf helped brighten my day full of dark clouds. I am not bummed out about all the rain because we needed it. Our weather has fluctuated so much with it mainly being rather warm for this time of year. Enjoy the photos and see you soon! Muah!

It's Going To Rain 3/16/12

Our warm weather has change for a couple of days. Cooler today with some rain...and a big storm tomorrow. I thought the day needed some bright pink (all the bright colors are in for spring 2012). I chose this cotton knit dress in pink and grey stripes with my moto jacket and added my Old Navy glitter boots for a little bling. Have a wonderful weekend and stay dry if you are in my city! Xoxo

A Day Behind 3/12/12

This is what I wore on Monday. I am behind on my posts and pics. Enjoy!

It's Hump Day 3/7/12

Such a gorgeous day out today! I love L.A. Here are more photos of today's look.

Manic Monday 3/5/12

What a wonderful warm weekend. Spent time with friends and family for my dad's birthday. Went to bed late on Sunday, which created such a manic Monday this morning. I jumped into this yellow blouse and my skinny jeans. Slipped on my ballet slippers and my oatmeal colored sweater. My only accessory was my pastel colored tips on my nails. I'm one and out. See you soon!

 Happy Monday All! 2/27/12

Sooo busy this past weekend!  Went to visit a friend on Sunday and was so pleased to see her.  Anyway, I am wearing a white tank top, a white slouchy top with silk-screened feather details, some skinny jeans, and finally the finishing touches....a red sweater for the morning chill and my black high top Chucks! Have a great day and I will see you soon! Muah!

Feeling Soooo Much Better Now! 2/18/12
Xoxo to my unicorn necklaces. My mom found this gold  dolman sleeved sweater/top was  one of my moms many finds out and about the city. What a great color on me.  Sweater in oatmeal color is a great neutral to off set gold.

Coral and gold colored jewelry pieces, One ring is shaped like a star fish.
I love those pieces...they were birthday gifts. 

Brand spakin' new yellow gold high top Chuck Taylor Converse tennis shoes. Love 'em.

WoooooHoooooo It's Saturday! 2/11/12
Layering spring colors.
Look like overcast today.

Black Resin Novelty Ring

Leather lined slit pocket

 Piano books in bag and it's time to roll.
Love these socks and my boots bring that sparkle of light to this cloudy day.

School Swag 2/10/12

School Swag  2/9/12

School Swag  2/8/12
 Off the shoulder Arizona sweatshirt, JC Penney. Super skinnies, Old Navy. Grey Tank Top, Forever 21.
Blue Converse Low Tops, JC Penney. Scarf, borrowed from Mom. Geisha Girl necklace, Forever 21.

School Swag  2/7/12

School Swag 2/6/12
Yellow  Blouse

Black blazer with yellow blouse, and washed denim.

                                             Recital Swag
                                                                    White Blouse
                                                               Black Skirt and Fishnets
                                                                Worn Vintage Chucks
                                                                  Detailed Buttons

                                             Grove Swag

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  1. This outfit looks really cute. I love the details on the shirt.